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Welcome to Evony's helper site and Alliance Chat website. 

This website provides you with...


  • Hint videos for AGE 2 and 1
  • Alliance chat for each alliance each world
  • FAQ for any questions of "How to..."
  • Hint videos
  • Hints for new alliances
  • Help providence for alliances (I'll come and improve your alliances skills to the maximum I could do or The Promasters-administrators, other)
  • And More...


If you have any other further information please contact me at evonyage2notice@gmail.com, smithjustene@gmail.com, justensmithe@gmail.com or justensmithe@yahoo.com. 

   Please if you have any money to spare please send me up $35 to make this website better.

  Thank you and enjoy my website,    


   Justen Smith and the Staff

P.S. If you wanted to know whats The Promasters i own that website and company. Here's the link. www.Thepromasters.webs.com 




  Information Board:

 New videos that were added...


  • Rose medals for Evony Age 2 Guidelines
  • Rose medals for Evony Age 2 Guidelines - back up


New FAQ's that were added...



  • How do I Capture a level 2 NPC  Farm medals.
  •   How do i grow my prestige.


 New Alliance chat added...


  • TNB
  • ACE/KATAR na.29 meeting and training chat.


Hints for new alliances that were added...

  • None

New alliance chats that were added...
  • None



  • None




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